Computing in Geography

Geography has 3 geomatics teaching labs, a Community Mapping lab, and a number of servers. These support undergraduate teaching, as well as faculty, and graduate research.

The geomatics teaching labs (A251 A253) have 25 Dell Optiplex 9010/9020 computers, and two projectors, each. The projectors can display from any computer in the labs, or from a laptop. The partition between the two labs can be opened up to create one lab with 50 computers and 4 projectors. The third geomatics teaching lab (upper level), has 11 computers, a flat bed scanner, and a projector. The labs are open 8:30 - 4:30 Mon-Fri. After hours access is provided through electronic key fobs available from the department.

The Community Mapping Lab has 4 27" iMacs, a  21" iMac, scanners, and a colour laser printer.